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Re: [FLAME WARNING] Linux Standards Base and Debian

Stephane Bortzmeyer <stephane@sources.org> wrote:
> The last version of the LSB
> <http://www.linuxbase.org/spec/gLSB/gLSB/swinstall.  html> says:

> Currently the LSB does not officially specify a package format;
> however, the recommended package format is RPM (Version 3) with some
> restrictions listed below. RPM is the defacto standard on Linux
> [sic] and supported either directly, or indirectly by the widest
> number of distributions. The intent is to in the future replace this
> format with a new format currently being developed.

> (End of quote)

Just FYI, RedHat does not fullfill this suggestion, too. They use RPM
Version 4 RH7.* comes with RPM4 and RHEA-2001:016-04 suggests to
upgrade RH5.2 and RH6.*.
              cu andreas
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