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Re: Woody Freeze Plans - Progress Report II

On Tue, May 08, 2001 at 12:25:10PM +0200, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> What do entries like
>   mozilla M18-3 libnspr3(i386) M14-2 from M14-2
>   mozilla M18-3 libnspr3-dev(i386) M14-2 from M14-2
> mean?

The libnspr3 and libnspr3-dev in i386 are from mozilla source M14-2,
even though mozilla source is at M18-3. ie, they're out of date, in this
case possibly no longer built.

> And I'm more interested in statistics about how many packages are out out
> of date on each architecture in _unstable_ 


(stable and testing also work)

      26    5    1 i386
      34    3    1 sh
      78    4    1 hppa
     190    0    1 ia64
     239   19    1 alpha
     247    0    1 hurd-i386
     353    3    1 arm
     405    6    1 sparc
     720    6    1 m68k
     763    8    1 mips
     768   23    1 powerpc

(the middle column will be binary-only uploads that have improper
versions; either poorly numbered binary only recompiles, or new versions
uploaded without source)

> like the figures ajt posted
> some weeks ago - I want to see which autobuilders have problems and need
> perhaps help.

There are also figures based on how the auto-builders are doing, but
they're not necessarily all that reliable yet, and they're not on a
webpage anywhere:

Out of dates holding up testing:
      8 i386
     87 alpha
     96 arm
    178 sparc
    223 powerpc
    237 m68k

wanna-build stats:
  alpha:   93.79% up-to-date,  93.89% if also counting uploaded pkgs
  arm:     88.19% up-to-date,  89.33% if also counting uploaded pkgs
  hppa:    40.06% up-to-date,  46.64% if also counting uploaded pkgs
  i386:    99.55% up-to-date,  99.55% if also counting uploaded pkgs
  ia64:    58.12% up-to-date,  59.39% if also counting uploaded pkgs
  m68k:    78.97% up-to-date,  79.89% if also counting uploaded pkgs
  mips:    56.93% up-to-date,  56.93% if also counting uploaded pkgs
  mipsel:   1.48% up-to-date,   1.48% if also counting uploaded pkgs
  sparc:   90.62% up-to-date,  91.89% if also counting uploaded pkgs


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