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Re: Bug#96638: ITP: libkudzu

Hi David!

(cc'ing to debian-devel)

You wrote:

> Can you compare libdetect or discover 
> http://archive.progeny.com/progeny/dists/Progeny1.0/main/source/base/discover_0.9.19.tar.gz
> to kudzu?  

I really have no idea. Since kudzu has no serious documentation
whatsoever, it's quite hard to find out what devices it can actually
detect. The README file says:

    2) What type of devices does kudzu detect?

    Currently, kudzu detects:

    - PCI cards
    - SBUS cards
    - serial devices (PnP devices, mice, modems)
    - parallel port devices (printers)
    - SCSI devices (provided the appropriate SCSI modules are loaded)
    - IDE devices
    - PS/2 mice
    - Keyboards on SPARC

So that's not very helpfull either. 

Based on the little that I've seen of libdetect, it's probably a more
robust tool.

> We're using libdetect at the moment on debian-installer, I had thought that
> kudzu was dead, but I guess not.  What I would like is to have a real hardware
> detection system that continues after the main installation. That way when new
> hardware is added to the system we could help the user make the necessary
> software changes.

Is there already policy on how this hardware detection should be

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