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aptitude 0.1.6 in experimental, please test


  Over the last weekend, I uploaded aptitude 0.1.6 "Are We There Yet?" to
experimental.  This version is mostly just a rewrite around a new UI library,
but has a few bugfixes and often-requested features (such as splitscreening)
that were kept out of 0.0.x for design reasons.

  I would like to declare it fit for human consumption fairly soon, after a
couple more releases to clean up some of the remaining rough edges.  (I also
need to rewrite some of the documentation)  I need people to test it and tell
me what important things from the version currently in unstable are not
available in this version, and of course to find bugs.

  As I said, it's in experimental.  I recommend that you add experimental to
your sources.list and use the pinning feature of a recent apt, but if you
want to download by hand, here's the URL:


(replace http.us with your local mirror; source is available in the same


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