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Bug#96359: make-kpkg, glibc, /usr/src/linux and FHS

Package: kernel-package
Severity: wishlist

According to the FHS (2.1),

   6.1.6  /usr/src : Source code

       For systems based on glibc, there are no specific guidelines for this
       directory.  For systems based on Linux libc revisions prior to glibc,
       the following guidelines and rationale apply:


       If a C or C++ compiler is installed, but the complete Linux kernel
       source code is not installed, then the include files from the kernel
       source code shall be located in these directories:


According to the glibc maintainer, user-space programs that need to
#include kernel headers should depend on a kernel-headers[-*] package
and do "-I/usr/src/<foo>/include".  The question is, what to replace
<foo> with?  Some possibilities are: kernel-source-<version>,
kernel-headers-<version>, and linux.

I think /usr/src/linux should by a symlink to one of
kernel-source-<version> or kernel-headers-<version> (as specified in
the FHS for pre-glibc systems).  And I think make-kpkg should set
that up with alternatives.

If it doesn't sound like a terrible idea, I can work on a patch.


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