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Re: Why why why!!???

* may (kokimay@matav.net.il) [010504 08:57]:
> why the hell did you hack my site!!???!!
> i opened it today...
> and it was  full!! of you're icons!!!!
> why why why!!!??
> I will report you!
> and i Will shut you down if i have to!
> pleas check it out....
>    http://zipnab.yoll.net/icons/
> and tell me .. Why!!??

Nobody hacked your site.  That is the directory for your icons for

You apparently have apache running under (probably potato) Debian.

Apache uses those icons for showing different file types and such
when you go to view a page with no index.html and you allow

The Debian directory is so that you can use Debian FancyIndexing (I
forget how to turn it on).  The images are used by other things too.

Please calm down, read the docs.

Above all, don't threaten people.


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