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Re: package servers inconsistent?

On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 08:58:01PM +0200, Harald Dunkel wrote:

> > 
> > What about stable?  Removing the stable Packages file during an update
> > would make it impossible to do a network install.
> > 
> Not impossible. But the client would have to wait till the *.deb files have
> been mirrored completely and the new Package files are in place again.

Impossible during an update, I should have said.

> Probably you haven't made the experience yet, what happens during the upgrade
> over a small ISDN line (which is _not_ free here in Germany, even if its a
> local call). Downloading the Package files takes about 4 minutes.  If I do an
> upgrade once per week, then I have to download (lets say) 50 MBytes or 150
> packages, which takes about 2 hours. Currently I have no way to check whether
> all *.deb files are available on the server, i.e. I have to wait up to 2
> hours for an error message.

Note that ISDN is billed per-minute in the US also.  What I have done here is
to learn the mirror cycle, and set up my cron job to update each day after I am
reasonably sure that the mirror update has completed.  Here (EDT), that is
about 18:00.

 - mdz

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