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Re: searchin' for Robert van der Meulen [Mailer-Daemon@smtp.cistron.nl: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender]


Quoting Josip Rodin (joy@cibalia.gkvk.hr):
> Here's a bug closing message with two bugs in it. First, the closes are done
> with 'close nnn' command which is not nice to the submitters, and second,
> the address rvdm@debian.org bounces.
These were NMU-fixed bugs with a 'fixed' tag that weren't closed yet.
I was under the impression that setting a bug to 'fixed' already contacts
the submitter, so they can be 'acknowledged' and closed by the actual
maintainer afterwards, without contacting the original submitters.
Right or wrong?


p.s. As wichert's message stated - the bounce problem was NIS-related, and
     is fixed now.
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