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Re: Bug#95818: libpgsql2.1: should not depend on ident-server

Robert Bihlmeyer wrote:
  >> The upstream developers are not friendly to non-portable features; I
  >> might be able to get it added under a config option.
  >Thought so. My selling point is that this feature is completely
  >optional: if it is compiled in, you're allowed to use a new authtype
  >"peer" (or so) with the "local" transport in
  >"/etc/postgresql/pg_hba.conf". That's just like kerberos support which
  >is also not enabled on all systems (and the "krb[45]" authtype is
  >there or not, depending on that)

I have created this feature, using autoconf/configure to test if
it is supported, and have sent a patch upstream.  The feature will be in
Debian anyway.

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