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SGML Question - help?


	I'm new to SGML (Month+) and cannot for the life
	of me sovle this and am finally posting to this list for help.

	I'm trying to generate HTML from an article document.

	I'm using jade.  I'll use what-ever solves my problem, i am
	not tied to jade.

	My quest is simple, I thought ;-(

	I want to automatically generate an index and simultaneously
	have an article table of contents.

	For weeks, now I have been able to generate one or the other
	(an index or an article toc) but not both.

	When I use a style-sheet that asks for the aticle-toc then
	jade fails to emit the HTML.index.  When I use a style-
	sheet with which jade will emit the HTML.index i can enable
	the article toc.

	Does anybody have a style-sheet that will support this?

	I've been thru the "duck-book" by Norman Walsh and Leonard Muellner
	and thru "docbook publishing" by Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier and
	Kara Pritchard as well as the documentation arriving with jade
	and sgmltools-lite, etc.  I've also been to numerous docbook
	linux doc web-sites.  There is something simple out there that
	i have missed, isn't there?

	Any constructive suggestions welcome  ;-)

	Thanks in advance for your help.

Stephen "obviously SGML challenged" Moraco

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