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imp broken in unstable?


Recently, not long after I upgraded imp and horde to unstable, it broke :-(

Now whenever I try to use it I can compilation warnings like this:

Warning: This compilation does not support pg_cmdtuples() in /etc/horde/db_pgsql.inc on line 122

Warning: PostgresSQL query failed: ERROR: Cannot insert a duplicate key into unique index active_sessions_pkey in
/etc/horde/db_pgsql.inc on line 52

(the first line always occurs every-time, the second line is

The Debian maintainer said he was unable to help (see bug #95683),
however he suggested it was a postgresql problem. He also downgraded
the bug to normal

However, if I run apache from my stable chroot, which uses the stable
version of horde and imp, then everything works fine, even with
postgresql 7.0 (I am going to refrain from upgrading again until I get
this sorted out).

So, any ideas how I should solve this? Or do I conclude that imp in
unstable is broken, and unusable in my given configuration?
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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