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Re: Are build-dependancies mandatory?

On Sun, Apr 29, 2001 at 01:30:44AM -0600, Bdale Garbee wrote:
> I'd be tempted to agree with you, except...
> I've spent quite a bit of time recently dealing with packages that include an
> explicit build dependency on "libstdc++2.10-dev".  This is not necessary since
> it is a dependency for an item in build-essential, and is in fact called out 
> explicitly in the build-essential documentation.  It breaks the ability to 
> build the package with gcc-3.0.  That will matter to everyone eventually, and 
> matters to hppa and ia64 right now.

maybe there should be meta-packages for packages that have embedded version
numbers like that. Or maybe the build-dep on libstdc++2.10-dev indicates that
the package relies on some g++ brokenness ;)

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