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Re: ITP: darj - arj archive unpacking tool

On Thu, 26 Apr 2001 13:10:48 +0300
Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl> wrote:

>   darj - arj archive unpacking tool
> I've started writing a free version of unarj.  I have unarj installed
> in case I come across .arj files on the net or on old floppies, and
> vrms listed it once too often :)


> So this is more of an "intent to write" than "intent to package", but
> I do intend to package it once it is done.

Maybe it should have been `ITW:' then. ;)

> I will duplicate unarj's interface as closely as I can (except
> for the banner), both for ease of regression testing and in case
> there are scripts that parse unarj's output.  I considered going
> the other way and making it behave like a proper unix utility, but...
> maybe in version 2.

Why not put the core into a library (libdarj.so or something)? This
sounds like something that could be used by a multitude of programs
(eg, Nautilus). This would also allow you to make one program that
wraps the library and behaves like a proper unix utility, and then
another that mimics unarj.

> Its current state is that it can list the files in an archive, but
> can't uncompress or extract them.  I'm not looking for help (I'm
> having fun writing this), but if you have any unusual arj archives
> lying around then I would appreciate a copy for testing.

Are you planning to make a compressor at some point? I imagine if you
can figure out the format well enough to extract from it, it wouldn't
be much harder to be able to create/modify archives as well. Of course,
that's a less-needed feature than decompression (zip, tar/gzip, and
tar/bzip2 are more standard than arj these days), so it would be a
rather low-priority goal, but it might be useful...



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