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Re: Proposing task-debian

Christian Hammers wrote:
> Recently I found two packages, debsig-verify and apt-listchanges only by
> coincidence because I read in a mailing list about them.
> Would it be good to have a package task-debian that had dependencies to such
> "meta" packages (including the latest version of apt,debconf and dpkg) to 
> ensure that users always get the latest Debian "maintenance"/"meta" packages 
> if they wish so?

Er, what would you think/do if you were a new user, and saw a list of tasks
like "Web Server", "X Desktop", and so on, and nestled in aoung them was
one titled, inexplicably. just "Debian"?

If these tools become widly enough accepted that we think everyone
should have them available by default, we can make them standard

see shy jo

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