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Re: Referring what kernel-images to build to the technical committee?

herbert@gondor.apana.org.au (Herbert Xu) writes:

> > kernel where all options were compiled into separate modules so simply
> > choosing the right modules constructs the optimal kernel.
> Guess what, that's how the current 2.4 kernel images are constructed.

Well, not really.  All of the drivers and other pieces which can be delivered
as modules, perhaps... but you're still having to deliver N different
kernel-image packages to handle options that are *not* modular, which is the
root of this whole discussion.

If we step back from the details for a moment, it could be argued that the
presence of so many compile-time-only options in the ia32 support is a kernel
design fault.  However, which options are configurable at compile time only
and which are configurable at run time in the Linux kernel is beyond Debian's

Personally, the combination of a single precompiled binary kernel package for
ia32 and an improved toolset for assisting users with the process of 
configuring and compiling a kernel that is truly optimized for their situation
seems like a better approach than lots of prebuilt kernels...


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