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Braille, anyone??

The RNIB have released the source to their Braille conversion program
Braille-It under the GPL. This is a tool, written in C, which will
take text and convert it into contracted Braille. [For those that
don't appreciate this: grade 1 British Braille spells out words
letter for letter, grade 2 is contracted, with common words/endings
/abbreviations expressed in common short forms]. There is also
the source for a Braille formatter from a Swedish programmer available.

I don't know Braille - I'm helping someone who is deaf/blind - but this
seems like something of fairly wide use.  I'm aware there are differences
between national Braille systems.  UK Braille is used elsewhere in the
Commonwealth and former British bits of the world AFAIK.  Can any
Braillists advise on what would be appropriate - I'm thinking of a 
common core program with different rule sets as plugins for Swedish/American/
British/Martian braille, for example.

I'm not sure how easy this would be to package or what the best way forward
for this is.  All advice appreciated.


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