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Re: Referring what kernel-images to build to the technical committee?

Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> wrote:
> Summary: Herbert has started building 8 different flavors of
> kernel-image for i386.  These flavors correspond to CPU type; for
> example there is an appropriate kernel for people with 386 machines to
> run and an appropriate kernel for people with Athlon machines to run.
> I'd like to summarize my understanding of the tradeoffs that we have
> identified in the debian-devel discussion so that if we do turn this
> issue over to the committee, they will know what concerns we have
> already identified.  Please add to the following list if I have missed
> something. 
> performance: By having images optimized for each processor on i386
> users should see better performance.  I don't believe performance
> numbers were quantified in the discussion but quantifying performance
> is probably important to evaluating this tradeoff.

_Afair_ it is necessary to run a k6 (or athlon) "optimized" kernel to
use 3DNow! in applications like xmms or lame. This probably applys to
ISSE, MTTR and MMX, too.

Please correct me if I am wrong.
         tia, cu andreas
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