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Re: auditd as logrotate replacement?

Sean 'Shaleh' Perry schrieb:
> as long as lograte can be installed first, then I can later
> install auditd and everything will just work, sure.

I can't use logrotate with msyslog, it won't work, logrotate is
just too limited. This would mean I have to move msyslog to
non-US, since I will make it depend on auditd.

So, basically, since auditd does feature encryption, it does not
have any chance to be the default for log rotation, even if it
was a lot better than logrotate? What giant pile of crap.

> Since it is in non-us, at least for now that means it will not
> appear on a official debian cd.

Did I say I hate it?

Shaleh, don't take it personally ...

ciao, 2ri
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