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Bug#95245: ITP: hnb -- Hierarchical notebook

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

Hierarchical notebook (hnb) is an ncurses program to organize many kinds of
data in one place, for example addresses, todo lists, ideas, book reviews or
to store snippets of brainstorming, to make a structured packing list or just
to take random notes. It can export ascii/html/latex/postscript, supports
todo checkboxes, checkbox trees with percentages and searching.

Homepage: http://hnb.sourceforge.net/
License: GPL

I'm currently in the NM queue, and Gergely Nagy <algernon@debian.org>
agreed to sponsor this package.

BALI, Andra's                 <drewie@bigfoot.com> <andras.bali@stud.bke.hu>
[drewie]@iRCnet    GPG key (ID 78560E1C) is available at public key servers.

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