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Re: Packages not making it into testing

On Wed, Apr 25, 2001 at 03:22:36PM +0200, Gregor Hoffleit wrote:
> Do I have to check all dependencies in all 54 python packages in the pool
> (10 architectures, 4 arch-dependent packages, 4 arch-independent packages),
> to see what's the reason that keeps the packages out of testing ?
> All I can find about python in update_output.txt are things like
>   tried: python (0) 38 a-38
>   tried: python (0) 42 a-42

That means "I tried adding python, but that ended up breaking some stuff
on alpha".

If you look somewhat later you'll find the interesting output (which is just
as incomprehensible):

python: alpha: palm-doctoolkit python-imaging-tk task-python-dev

Which means "When I tried installing python and said it failed due to
something on alpha, the particular packages that became uninstallable
are palm-doctoolkit, python-imaging-tk and task-python-dev".

If you look at palm-doctoolkit in testing, you'll see it depends on
python-base (>= 1.5.2-4) and python-zlib (>= 1.5.2-4). If you look at
the new python-base, you'll see it Conflicts: with python-zlib. There's
a new palm-doctoolkit that fixes these dependencies, but doesn't work
with the old python-base. (The testing scripts have trouble detecting
situations like this automatically)

Similarly, the new python-tk (which -imaging-tk depends on) has a
versioned conflict with the python-imaging-tk in testing, and the new
-imaging-tk has a dependency that's not satisfied by the version of -tk
in testing.

task-python-dev just depends on -imaging-tk.

So this means python can't be updated without also updating palm-doctoolkit
and python-imaging, and those can't be updated without updating python.

Further some of the binary packages from python-imaging in sid depend on
python2, which isn't in testing yet. So they can't go in until python2
does. Python2 at the moment isn't going in because the last upload was
only 8 days ago, and looks like it has strict enough dependencies that
it won't go in until it's built on m68k.

There may be other things involved too, but I suspect not.

> If there's a reason that keeps the package out of testing, it would be nice
> to have that reason explained as well. Is that being worked on ? If nobody
> else is working on this, could somebody give me a hint where to start
> working on improving the status output ?

http://ftp-master.debian.org/testing/ says where the code is and so forth.
Hacking on the code isn't very straightforward; if you like you can write
some sort of filter for the various output that's already there to make it
more comprehensible. Arm does this to get a list of out of date packages for
arm that don't have RC bugs against them already, eg.


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