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ITP: cgvg -- command-line source browsing tool

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist



 cgvg is a pair of Perl scripts ("cg" and "vg") which are meant to
 assist a programmer in doing command-line source browsing.

 The idea is you can easily search for keywords in the code, and jump to the
 file and line where a match is found. Used with ctags(1), this can really
 help with jumping around and following code. Some features include a
 human-readable output, coloring, bolding (and alternate bolding), and just
 sheer convenience for a programmer.

I've it packaged for a long time, the package is available from:


If nobody complains, I'll upload it in a couple of days.

Sergio Talens-Oliag <sto@debian.org>
GPG fingerprint = 29DF 544F 1BD9 548C 8F15  86EF 6770 052B B8C1 FA69

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