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sendmail problems'

I've installed sendmail 8.11.3+8.12.0.Beta7-3, and I notice some
little problems that make impossible sending mail ;-)
When I try to mail anything, I receive from my mua this error messages
from sendmail:

/etc/mail/submit.cf: line 1: invalid argument to V line: "ERSIONID(^AId: submit"
/etc/mail/submit.cf: line 3: unknown configuration line "LOCAL_CONFIG"

And I notice that when creating .cf files with 'make' in /etc/mail, I
get this error:

m4: /usr/share/sendmail/submit.cf/m4/cf.m4: No such file or directory

And really /usr/share/sendmail/submit.cf/ dir does not exists.

How I can work around this problem ?

	- Zack -

Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@cs.unibo.it> ICQ# 33538863
Home Page: http://www.students.cs.unibo.it/~zacchiro
Undergraduate Student of Computer Science at University of Bologna, Italy
SysAdm of verdicchio.students.cs.unibo.it (
	"Information wants to be Open"

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