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analysis of package dependencies

I am installing some new servers and I want a list of the reason for each 
package being installed (no software is to be installed without a good 
For example I have a text file saying:
gcc:Software development
postfix:mail serving

I then want to have a program go through this file and produce a list of all 
the packages those packages depend on and give them the same reason (cpp is 
needed for software development because gcc depends on it, libldap2 is needed 
because postfix-tls depends on it).  Then the program will list the packages 
without a reason for being installed.

Is there a program for this already?

If not is there any Perl libraries for interfacing with the dpkg database to 
get this information?  I noticed dpkg-perl, but my Perl knowledge isn't good 
enough to determine what it does (it has no docs)...

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