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Re: ALL: PARANOID from /etc/hosts.deny Should be Commented by default

On Thu, Apr 19, 2001 at 11:41:02PM -0700, Aaron Lehmann wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 19, 2001 at 03:43:44PM -0700, Adam McKenna wrote:
> > A firewall is not the end-all, be-all of security.  Those who think it is are
> > setting themselves up for problems.
> "Don't assume you're protected unless you have a router with a built-in
> firewall." -- Yesterday's article in my local newspaper spreading FUD
> about broadband
> BTW, that's why I don't believe anything I read in my local newspaper :).

Sure that's FUD?  Maybe Sam Couter wrote the article.

Everyone knows how to configure a stateful firewall, I can't believe
more people don't have one.  Damn lazy bastards.

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