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Re: ALL: PARANOID from /etc/hosts.deny Should be Commented by default

On Thu, Apr 19, 2001 at 03:36:39PM -0700, Sam Powers wrote:
> On Thursday 19 April 2001 15:26, Daniel Stone wrote:
> > ALL: PARANOID clearly doesn't apply to these systems where ONLY certain
> > *explicitly specified* IPs can access it. So stop dragging them into the
> > argument and get back to making real points.
> Alright, how about this: Ask the user at install-time. Doesn't this make 
> perfect sense?

Imagine a newbie doing first install... Do you also plan to explain to
them what tcp wrappers is all about? At install-time? 
ALL:ALL except localhost sounds like a perfectly reasonable default:
if they want remote access to their box they should RTFM. Including
TF hosts_access(5) M.

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