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Re: Bug#94006: general: several S[n]initscript links in runlevels rc0.d and rc6.d

reassign 94006 portmap

I've opened fresh bugs against sysvinit and netbase; I'm reassigning
this one to portmap.  The dh_installinit invocation is clearly wrong:
the generated postinst line is

  update-rc.d portmap start 41 S . start 10 0 6 . >/dev/null

instead of

  update-rc.d portmap start 41 S . stop 10 0 6 . >/dev/null


On Sat, Apr 14, 2001 at 08:25:32PM +0200, Timo Benk wrote:
> Package: general
> Version: 20010414
> Severity: normal
> Hi,
> I don't really now if this is a bug, but on my system (woody) i found
> the following links in my rc0.d and rc6.d runlevel:
> S10portmap
> S30urandom
> S35networking
> Because I had problems when shutting down i changed this links to
> K[n]scriptname links, and now my system shuts down without problems.
> If that is not a bug maybe someone can point me a place where the debian
> runlevel strategy is described, 'cause i thought all S[n]* scripts will
> start the script and all K[n]* scripts will stop the script when changing
> the runlevel.


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