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Bug#94021: ITP: integrit -- A file integrity verification program like tripwire

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

Integrit helps you determine whether an intruder has modified your
system. Without the use of integrit, a sysadmin wouldn't know if the
programs used for investigating the system are trojan horses or not.
Integrit works by creating a database that is a snapshot of the most
essential parts of the system. You put the database somewhere safe,
and then later you can use it to make sure that noone has made any
illicit modifications to your system.

Integrit's key features are the small memory footprint, the use of
up-to-date cryptographic algorithms by way of openssl, the design
with unattended use in mind, intuitive cascading rulesets for the
paths listed in the configuration file, the possibility of XML or
human-readable output and simultaneous check and update.

Homepage: http://integrit.sourceforge.net
License: GPL

This package is requested on 09 Jan 2001 by Ed L Cashin
<ecashin@coe.uga.edu>, the upstream author (bug #81714).

I'm currently in the NM queue, and Gergely Nagy <algernon@debian.org>
agreed to sponsor this package.

Andras Bali

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