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Re: Broken Star Office in unstable?

Rob Bradford wrote:
> Is is interesting, i've been running the first release of Open Office on
> woody/sid which is basically Star Office with some stuff ripped out and
> although it does crash sometimes, it never does it very regularly.
> Maybe you could look at that ....

  I just tried staroffice in unstable and it does not work with X
server, it works fine when displayed on different computer or usig vnc
(even if both vnc server and vnc viewer are on the same machine). It
does not work even if I run it on different computer just display it on

  basically the X server is not redrawn anymore, the staroffice is on
the screen no matter what I do, only the mouse cursor changes (for
example I open WM menu, it is not visible but cursor changes as if menu
were there, I can use arrow to go from menu item to menu item etc...
creepy). I can switch to different vt and kill staroffice...

  I use savage 1.1.15 driver with X 4.0.2 (IIRC, it's on different
computer, but it's definitely X 4.x). All other programs run fine (gnome
programs, netscape, gkrellm, fvwm, twm, windowmaker (IIRC) etc...)

  any ideas? I don't remember the original post, are the symptoms


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