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Proposal: new attributes in BTS


I would like to see some new attributes of the bug entries in the BTS.
First is good for bugs that were reported long time ago and are probably
resolved by upstream or don't appear in the current environment any
longer. The second proposal is good for maintainers, that are MIA or do
not fix their bugs but also don't orphan or allow other to NMU the

TBC: "not reproduceable, to be closed"
This bug can not be reproduced by the maintainer or any other user, i.e.
there are no similar bug reports. The bug will be closed automaticaly in
the next (pre)freeze or after # days if nobody won't renew the report in
this period.
The status of bug is changed to this by maintainer (email). # is also
set by him. Info mails should be send to all bug reporters.

TBO: "to be orphaned after # days"
The maintainers don't answer to mails concerning the package or don't
answer at all (MIA). Or don't fix one or more bug, pretending not enough
spare time for longer than 2-4 weeks.
This option is enabled automaticaly when there are one or more bugs and
the maintainer is not seen anywhere for >3 months. Can also be changed
by DPL or QA team. Info mails should be send to the maintainer and bug
reporters. There should be a "ultimatum" time, 14 day or so. TBO will
disappear when the maintainer fixed all bugs or at least all RC and most
of normal bugs.

Any comments?

Eduard Bloch <blade@debian.org>; HP: http://eduard.bloch.com/edecosi
0xEDF008C5(GnuPG): E6EB 98E2 B885 8FF0 6C04 5C1D E106 481E EDF0 08C5

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