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Re: Bug#93201: arch is set to i386 instead of any

On Mon, 9 Apr 2001, Manuel Estrada Sainz wrote:

>  Also I am not sure weather, even if it builds, it makes sense on other
>  architectures other than i386.
>  On what other architectures is there a joystick system alike that of
>  i386 where jslaunch would work?

Alpha does use "standard" ISA/PCI cards, so you could easily use PC
joysticks and game port cards on an Alpha.  I have tested a joystick
hanging off of the soundcard in my Alpha and it worked just great.

Being unfamiliar with jslaunch, what do you mean by "joystick system"?

>  Should I simply exclude those which I know that don't work and wait for
>  porters to check weather it builds/works? or only include those which I
>  know that work?

I would include only those that you know to work for now.  Other archs can
try it and, if it works, you can just add them to the list.  I mean,
either way that you do it, it's very little work on your end (just editing
the control file to add/delete an arch), so it makes little difference if
you put the working or everything but the proven non-working archs in


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