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Progeny Debian 1.0 released

Media Contact:
Aaron Stenhoff
Progeny Linux Systems, Inc.
(317) 833-0313 (ext. 137)


Enhanced Version of Debian Available for Download

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana - April 9, 2001 - Progeny Linux Systems, Inc.
announces the release of the first edition of Progeny Debian.  The download
edition is available now at www.progeny.com/download.  The boxed set will
be available on April 23rd.

Progeny Debian was developed in cooperation with Debian GNU/Linux, founded
by Ian Murdock, President and CEO of Progeny Linux Systems.  The company
includes a number of leading Debian developers who are led by CTO John H.
Hartman, a prominent expert in operating systems.

Progeny Debian provides an enhanced feature set that includes easy
graphical installation, hardware detection support, and improved
configuration and management tools.  Other additions include improved USB
support and an auto-install feature for streamlining multiple
installations.  Most of Progeny's enhancements have already been
contributed back to the Debian development tree, and the remainder will be
as time permits.  All of the software in Progeny Debian is licensed under
terms compatible with the Debian Free Software Guidelines[1], including all
changes, updates, and new packages Progeny has created.

The boxed set will offer a 90-day subscription to the Progeny Service
Network and 30 days of telephone installation support.  Progeny Service
Network provides timely, secured software updates seamlessly to corporate
customers.  The service includes free e-mail assistance and various support
levels depending on the customers' needs.

In addition to providing Progeny Debian, the archive.progeny.com site hosts
a full mirror of the Debian package archives.  We welcome downloads of
Debian and Progeny Debian alike.

Progeny Linux Systems would like to extend its thanks to the Debian user
and development community; their contributions and hard work over the past
several years have made Debian GNU/Linux an outstanding foundation upon
which to base a commercial product.  Progeny looks forward to continued
collaboration with the Free Software community and the Debian Project.

[1] Netscape Communicator 4.76 is the only exception to this rule; it is
included due to its continuing popularity and inertia, with freely-licensed
graphical web browsers (such as Mozilla and Konqueror, both available with
Progeny Debian) only recently able to compete favorably in terms of
stability and feature set.

Branden Robinson          | GPG signed/encrypted mail welcome
branden@progeny.com       | 1024D/9C0BCBFB
Senior Software Developer | D5F6 D4C9 E25B 3D37 068C
Progeny Linux Systems     | 72E8 0F42 191A 9C0B CBFB

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