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Re: Bug#87237: #87237: O: macgate -- Appletalk-IP gateway

hmmm, thinking at it. my answer is not so right :(

indeed the original maintainer issued an RFA so he was no required to
change the Maintainer: field to Debian QA. his real fault was not
looking for who might have adopted his package and issued an O: with
another bug. of course if the new adopter had uploaded steadly the
package with his name in the Maintainer: field nothing of the above
would have happened.

cheers :)

On Fri, Apr 06, 2001 at 09:41:46PM -0400, Steve M. Robbins wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 06, 2001 at 09:01:45PM +0200, Domenico Andreoli wrote:
> > yes, you are very correct.
> > 
> > what happened here is that the original maintainer issued [...]
> > thanks and sorry for the fuss
> > cavok
> Thanks, cavok!  You are perfectly right.  
> I didn't know all that story.  I just saw a couple of "I'm closing
> this bug" messages, and thought that someone was going around closing
> bugs at random.
> Sorry to have doubted you!  Thanks again for the work keeping the
> BTS clean.
> -Steve

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