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Remember to set UMASK properly in your /etc/cron.* scripts (Ref: Bug#93123)

On Fri, 06 Apr 2001, marillat.christian@wanadoo.fr wrote:
> fcron create file with only rw permission and this doesn't work with these
> package:
> cricket
> webalizer

Fix for #93123 being regression-tested as I write this. 

Anyway, IMHO these scripts are broken. Anything sensitive to UMASK should
set it properly, as there is NO reason to assume root's umask (or any user's
for that matter) is 022 or 002 IMHO.

Just because Debian's cron happens not to touch umask, and now fcron will
restore it before running a job, doesn't mean these scripts have the right
to break if the user changes the default umask...

Some scripts in /etc/cron.* do set the umask; most do not. This can't be
good. Cricket and webalizer should have bugs filled against them, I suppose.

Maintainers of packages placing files in /etc/cron.d should verify their
scripts. Maybe the possibility of adding a lintian check to _warn_ about
this issue be considered?

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