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Bug#93163: ITP: rep-xmms

Package: wnpp

I intend to package rep-xmms, a rep interface to the XMMS media
player. It is available at http://www.hellion.org.uk/rep-xmms.html,
and the author has already made good debian packages (unfortunately
his binaries are linked with nonstandard libraries).

Package: rep-xmms
Section: interpreters
Architecture: i386
Depends: librep9 (>= 0.13.4), xmms (>= 1.2.4)
Suggests: xmms-sawfish
Description: rep language bindings for XMMS
 Language bindings for the rep lisp dialect
 for XMMS.

rep-xmms also builds a package sawfish-xmms:

Package: sawfish-xmms
Section: x11
Architecture: any
Depends: rep-xmms, sawfish (>= 0.37.2)
Description: sawfish bindings for XMMS
 Contains a lisp module needed to make use
 of the rep bindings for rep from within

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