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ITP: qmailadmin

I have contacted the other ITP's on this package and it appears that
no-one is doing it. I was packaging it for work anyway so might as well
make it available.

There are some packages available for download at

Eventually I will make them apt-get'able but not right now.

There also some supporting packages including: 

-vpopmail built for potato
-courier-imap with vchkpw authorisation modules

I'm not sure about the process for getting packages included in the
distribution. Do I need a sponsor or something?

description follows.



A web based adminitration interface to manage virtual
email domains created with vpopmail. It is designed to be simple
enough that a normal computer user could administrate their own
email domain. Allows for management of: users, aliases, forwards,
autoresponders and mailing lists.

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