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ITP: electricsheep

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist


Electric sheep is the collective dream of sleeping computers
from all over the internet. Less poetically, it is an Internet server and
xscreensaver module that displays MPEG video of an animated fractal flame.
In the background, it contributes render cycles to the next animation.
Periodically, it uploads completed frames to the server, where they are
compressed for distribution to all clients.

The license is GPL.

| De eerste serieuze ISP die Windows draait moeten we nog tegen komen
| Cistron Internet: php/c/perl/html/c++/sed/awk/linux/sql/cgi/security
| 1024D/08CEC94D - 34B3 3314 B146 E13C 70C8  9BDB D463 7E41 08CE C94D

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