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Re: Task-harden

arthur@korn.ch (Arthur Korn) writes:

> There was a peak in CVS activity in September and October 2000,
> maybe the interest of the developers could be rised with some
> suggestions, bugreports or patches ...

My impression from the dents presentation at the Monterey Usenix Tech 
Conference (was that 1998 or 1999?  I forget...) implied to me that they 
didn't have the same objectives as, say, djbdns.  They were motivated by the 
desire to glue in back-end databases, wanted support for trivial algorithmic 
responses (ptr queries for an address in a modem pool, for example), wanted
to be able to diddle zones on the fly from a gui administrative interface, 
and so on.  Some (all?) of that stuff is provided by BIND 9, so I'm not sure
what would motivate continued development of dents?

There may still be room in the world for a fully DFSG-compliant DNS server 
that like djbdns is designed to be minimalist, easy to audit, etc... but I
don't think dents ever intended to be that.


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