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Re: Task harden.

(please don't Cc me, I get enough mail as it is already)

On Tuesday 03 April 2001 23:46, John Galt wrote:
> >How does this violate the RFC(s). I haven't read them, I'm just curious,
> >since I didn't find any obvious information in the quote. If he has simply
> >omitted some features, then that isn't as bad as if he had violated some
> > of the standards. Anyway, just curious :)
> DNSSEC: RFC 3008
> TSIG: RFC 2845

Well, that was the /where/, not the /how/. I don't want to read through the 
source, checking it up against the standards. I just wanted to either get a 
reference to /where/ it was mentioned it acted against RFCs etc, or just a 
textual description. This serves me no purpose.


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