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Re: Installing nano-tiny in /bin [was Bug#92003]

To quote Bas Zoetekouw <bas@debian.org>,
# Hi Marco!
# You wrote:
# >  ># nano --help
# >  >[...]
# >  > -w             --nowrap                Don't wrap long lines
# > This *MUST* be the default.
# > People will notice too late that lines have been broken.
# I do not agree with you. For most daily purposes (writing mails,
# text files, etc), normal users will want to use wrapping. Thoses users
# that do often edit config files with long lines will now how to set
# their default to non-wrapping.

We're talking abou nano-tiny.
We're talking about an app that will be used on rescue an installation
We're *not* talking about an app that will be used to write email.
We're talking about an appthat will be used to edit configurations files
which would be very sensitive to line breakage(as a rule).

Good? :)

David Barclay Harris, Clan Barclay
    Aut agere, aut mori. (Either action, or death.)

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