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[Fwd: How do I get Japanese to print?]

Americanism: "Yankee Doodle do or die"
Sometimes, however, *I* think it is better to do nothing and just be.
If you push yourself to *do* always, then you may end up doing something
that will harm you, due to lack of meditation, silence, forethought.
The right action will eventually arise on its own if left undisturbed.
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Paul Seelig wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 30, 2001 at 06:51:52AM -0600, Brock wrote:
> > But when I print a page from the browser, it does not print the
> > Characters, but instead funny looking things.
> >
> Check out: "http://www.esperanto.org.uy/programoj/angle/wprint.html";.
> I'd really love to see this packaged for Debian, but can't do it
> myself for time restrictions etc.

Well... I downloaded the source for wprint.
Compiled it.
And tested it. It segfaulted.

Brock Lynn

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