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Your help with QA is needed

I added some stuff to the QA web site.  Those people who always
said that QA's tasks are not well defined can stop complaining.
There's plenty of work listed on the web site now:

  - Help fix bugs in the base.  Currently, the base has over 1500
    bugs, including 23 RC bugs.  Please send in patches through
    the BTS.  See http://qa.debian.org/base-bugs.html for a full list.
    Since base is going to be frozen before the rest of the system,
    it is very important that we fix as many bugs as possible and
    as as soon as possible.

  - FHS transition: More than 300 packages still put data in /usr/doc
    and /usr/man.  Please send in patches and NMU after 3 weeks.
    See http://qa.debian.org/fhs.html

  - Write man pages: About 650 binaries in Debian do not have a man
    page.  See http://qa.debian.org/man-pages.html for a listing.

Visit http://qa.debian.org for more information.  More will be added

Martin Michlmayr

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