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Debian DRI CVS packages ready for testing.

The subject says most of it, the packages are at
http://master.debian.org/~warp/, they are /not/ apt-able right now, I'll
sort that out tomorrow.

They are still very much in testing, follow the depends on the packages,
and, err, you may have to do an ldconfig after installing xlibmesa3-dri,
I forgot that in the postinst and I'm going to sleep now, again, I'll
deal with it tomorrow.

The packages are against current unstable, and seem to work for me.

Please do NOT build debian packages with these packages installed at
this time, also please report all packaging issues to me, if you're not
sure a bug is purely in the DRI code also report it to me.

Note that this does NOT include the kernel DRM modules, the ones in
2.4.2+ seem to work with the current DRI CVS, and thus these packages.

Once I have a few more things pounded out I will likely have a cron job
build them every 24 hours, eventually these packages will likely go into
unstable, though likely only being built once or twice a week at that

Zephaniah E. Hull.
(Debian developer, certifiabley insane.)

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