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Re: debian/changelog and add-log-mailing-address

Richard Kettlewell wrote:

> Many debian/changelog files have a fragment at the end looking like this:
>     Local variables:
>     mode: debian-changelog
>     add-log-mailing-address: "SOME.EMAIL.ADDRESS"
>     End:
> This is wrong; the add-log-mail-address entry should be removed, as it
> can cause changes made by Emacs users to have the wrong email address
> associated with them.
> The proper place for Emacs to learn add-log-mailing-address from is
> the user's ~/.emacs file.

Actually, unless I hack in backward compatibility, setting
add-log-mailing-address does nothing in the current version of
debian-changelog-mode.el.  I'm sure someone will fill a bug
report about it soon.


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