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Re: unofficial mozilla 0.8 deb

On Wed, Mar 07, 2001 at 06:56:55AM -0500, Daniel Burrows wrote:
> > > while true ; do crypto_in_main_argument ; done
> > 
> > Netscape is in main.  Netscape contains 128 bit SSL.  Just upload the
>   I thought it was only 48-bit.. (no, I don't know for sure)

Nope, I can't use anything less than 128 bit encryption some places (like
my bank for example) and Debian's Netscape package works fine for me.
It's also in main.

> > damned thing already.  Or put it in non-US.  Just do something.  Mozilla
> > M18 is all we have in the archive right now, and I wouldn't exactly call
> > that very useful, given the long list of (fatal) bugs fixed since then.
>   Hm..I tried 0.8, and found it to be actually less useful than M18;
> among other things, it has a tendency to get "stuck" after a few minutes
> and stop responding to commands to go to another page..

It's tended to do that since M14.  There's a number of things that caused
it then and it seems most of them are resolved by now.  0.7 added a new
one for me related to PSM, but I never managed to track down the exact
cause.  I have enough diskspace now to rebuild Mozilla for debugging if I
have problems.

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