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Re: Bug#88623: Should not suggest manipulating others' bugs

On 05-Mar-01, 16:28 (CST), Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> wrote: 
> If I followed some sort of policy such as this, I would not be able to
> do so (and I would be willing to bet that the cron and ssh maintainers
> appreciate me doing this).

Yep, I do. The only "problem" is if/when I see the original report
and send off a "close" message of my own before I notice Ben (or
whoever) has closed it already; the original submitter will get two
responses. Not really a problem.

I suspect it's pretty much comes down to a judgement call. "Is what
I'm doing likely to be perceived as helping or hurting? How sure am I
that what I'm doing is correct?" And be prepared for the maintainer
objecting, hopefully politely, but possibly not.


Steve Greenland <stevegr@debian.org>
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