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Re: US Maintainer Putting Package on non-US

>>>>> "Evan" == Evan Prodromou <evan@debian.org> writes:

    Evan> My problem is that I'm a US citizen. I think, as far as I
    Evan> can tell, that it's legal for me to upload this code to a
    Evan> non-US server. My question is: is it OK, Debian-wise? 

Please see the thread I started on debian-legal a few months
ago. about this I am sorry but I don't have the subject line
particularly handy; if you fail to find it, let me know and I'll go
digging.  The message was sent on or around November 20.

I'm currently maintaining krb5, openafs, libpam-krb5 and

I currently notify BXA before export of each version to be safe.  Note
that I am not giving legal advice; you need to read what I've said,
understand why I did it, and make a decision for yourself or consult a

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