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Re: Well done on new devel pages

Hi all,

Posting from a windows box because my debian disk
is not available in a working machine :(

I work with a deaf-blind lady using braille display to
read her mail.  Her braille reading speed is about 20wpm
my text speed is 150+

I have cerebral palsy - but can type. I know people
who can only type with one finger.

Lynx is ideal for people like this.  Links needs a mouse
to work really well.  As a matter of interest, deafblind UK
are using MSwindows because they feel they have to
be up to date.  Outlook without a mouse is almost
impossible and this lady can't easily read attachments.

View every webpage in more than 5 browsers to see
how it looks - then use one finger for navigation/typing
and practice reading it six times more slowly.  That's
one good reason to make the Net Lynx compatible
for want of a better browser.

Just my 0.02 Euro


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