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Re: xemacs error with LDAP and Linux 2.4.2

 Brian> I just upgraded from Linux 2.4.1 to Linux 2.4.2, and
 Brian> everything was going fine.  I was using xemacs to read my
 Brian> news, etc, when suddenly xemacs disappears. Strange. I have
 Brian> never had xemacs crash quite that badly before. Restart
 Brian> xemacs. Nothing happens.

 Brian> Restart at command prompt:

 Brian> [524] [snoopy:bam] ~ >xemacs
 Brian> xemacs: options.c:326: ldap_set_option: Assertion `( ( ld
 Brian> )->ld_options.ldo_valid == 0x2 )' failed.  zsh: segmentation
 Brian> fault xemacs

 Brian> yuck.

I agree.  "options.c" doesn't exist in the xemacs source, so it's
coming from somewhere else (ldap source maybe.  don't have it handy).

My first thought was that xemacs is linked with libldap.so.2 and maybe
the libnss_ldap.so module is expecting ldap functions in a different

 Brian> I have tried restarting slapd, just in case, but it didn't
 Brian> help.  Everything else that uses LDAP seems to work fine, and
 Brian> I am quick to blame Linux 2.4.2: "ITS ALL YOUR FAULT" <grin>.

 Brian> The only thing that works is if I disable LDAP lookups for
 Brian> passwd (either in /etc/nsswitch, or by inserting an entry for
 Brian> me in /etc/passwd).

 Brian> LISP gave the following LIST stack trace (the first time it
 Brian> crashed, from $HOME/.gnome-errors):

 Brian> [...]  Selection retrieval failed Selection retrieval failed
 Brian> xemacs: options.c:326: ldap_set_option: Assertion `( ( ld
 Brian> )->ld_options.ldo_valid == 0x2 )' failed.

 Brian> Fatal error (6).  Your files have been auto-saved.  Use `M-x
 Brian> recover-session' to recover them.

 Brian> If you have access to the PROBLEMS file that came with your
 Brian> version of XEmacs, please check to see if your crash is
 Brian> described there, as there may be a workaround available.
 Brian> Otherwise, please report this bug by running the send-pr
 Brian> script included with XEmacs, or selecting `Send Bug Report'
 Brian> from the help menu.  As a last resort send ordinary email to
 Brian> `crashes@xemacs.org'.  *MAKE SURE* to include the information
 Brian> in the command M-x describe-installation.

 Brian> If at all possible, *please* try to obtain a C stack
 Brian> backtrace; it will help us immensely in determining what went
 Brian> wrong.  To do this, locate the core file that was produced as
 Brian> a result of this crash (it's usually called `core' and is
 Brian> located in the directory in which you started the editor, or
 Brian> maybe in your home directory), and type

 Brian>   gdb /usr/bin/xemacs core

 Brian> then type `where' when the debugger prompt comes up.  (If you
 Brian> don't have GDB on your system, you might have DBX, or XDB, or
 Brian> SDB.  A similar procedure should work for all of these.  Ask
 Brian> your system administrator if you need more help.)

 Brian> Lisp backtrace follows:

 Brian>   user-real-login-name() url-setup-privacy-info()

This function (user-real-login-name) is:
DEFUN ("user-real-login-name", Fuser_real_login_name, 0, 0, 0, /*
Return the name of the user's real uid, as a string.
This ignores the environment variables LOGNAME and USER, so it differs from
`user-login-name' when running under `su'.
  struct passwd *pw = getpwuid (getuid ());
  /* #### - I believe this should return nil instead of "unknown" when pw==0 */

#ifdef MSDOS
  /* We let the real user name default to "root" because that's quite
     accurate on MSDOG and because it lets Emacs find the init file.
     (The DVX libraries override the Djgpp libraries here.)  */
  Lisp_Object tem = build_string (pw ? pw->pw_name : "root");/* no gettext */
  Lisp_Object tem = build_string (pw ? pw->pw_name : "unknown");/* no gettext */
  return tem;

So it looks like something in getpwuid is messing up.

Is this xemacs or xemacs-gtk?  xemacs-gtk just started compiling with
ldap support.  This might be the causing error.  And I think I noticed
pam and libnss-ldap updates recently as well (don't quote me on that


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