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Re: Weekly debian-user FAQ

On Thu, Mar 01, 2001 at 12:39:49PM +0200, Yotam Rubin wrote:
> Users will benefit greatly from a weekly FAQ containing summarized answers
> to questions which some users are very likely to encounter. 

I think you might just collaborate with the Kernel Cousin and friends
managed by Zack Brown. There is already one fro debian-hurd and I think for
debian-devel there is some, too.

It's not a FAQ style, but a summary of the mailing list discussion.
The people doing it already have the infrastructure and know how to organize
it so that several volunteers can share the work. It's very useful to look
up what the state of a discussion was, and you can check with the archive to
get the details if you want to. This has advantages over a FAQ, which is
probably edited more and does not reveal where to find more infos in the


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