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Re: Perl essential ?

On 03/02/01 Glenn McGrath wrote:
> From my count there are 24 essential binaries, totalling 6550kB of
> linux-i386 debs.
> Perl-base is one of them at 840kB, ~13% of total essential size.
> Would it be a good long term goal to remove perl from Esssential and
> rewrite these scripts for a posix compliant shell or in c.

If you're really concerned about size, you should propose to rewrite all
the other utilities in perl: that will save more disk-space and provide
the same functionality at the same time. Read some papers about ETLinux
for an example of using a scripting language in the implementations
of system utilities in low disk space conditions. 
Search for "Perl power tools" for a pure perl implementation of most of 
the utilities in the essential packages:-)

That said, if you really need that small a system, you'll probably want 
to ditch dpkg as well and at that point it doesn't matter if a 
package is essential or not:-)


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